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GREENOL PLUS is an innovative product that has been designed to protect wood and is particularly suitable for the treatment of parquet.
The use of this product  gives treated surfaces good resistance to abrasion  and enhances the warm appearance of natural wood.
GREENOL PLUS is available in a colorless transparent version with a satin effect and in a super white version and  can be used both with PRIMOL PLUS and alone.

Packaging(s): 2.5L; 5L



  • Excellent resistance
  • Silky touch effect
  • Excellent yield

Greenol more

    The application can be made with a roller, a brush, a pad (sponge, paper, fabric) or a metal spatula.
    - On the well-sanded floor, perfectly clean of dust, apply the PRIMOL PLUS (or GREENOL PLUS) impregnating agent, taking care to spread it as evenly as possible. After 5 -15 minutes remove any excess oil not absorbed by the wood with a cloth or a polyurethane foam spatula (this operation is generally superfluous when the oil is applied with a metal spatula). Within 20-30 mins. after application, before complete surface drying, brush with a monobrush using a green cleaning disc and working at low speed, to even out the surface. After about 4 hours it is advisable to brush again with a white or yellow disc, to eliminate any traces of oil that may have reappeared at the level of the joining lines and the knots of the wood.
    At 20 - 24 hour intervals proceed with the application of the GREENOL PLUS finish according to the process described for PRIMOL and respecting the recommended yield. Within 20-30 mins. after application brush with a green pad to even out. After 3 - 4 hours shine, if necessary, with a white or yellow disc.
    - As an alternative it is also possible to apply 2 coats of GREENOL PLUS finishing oil (without the primer). The interval to be observed between one layer and the other is 24 hours and the method of application is that already described.
    - For a quick cycle apply 1 coat of GREENOL PLUS with a spatula and, if necessary, a second coat
    after an interval of 60 min.. After 60 min. it is possible that the first layer appears imperfectly absorbed; in this case, pass the monobrush fitted with a green disc before applying the second. Within 20 - 30 mins. after application, brush again with a green pad to even out. Optionally shine with a white or yellow disc after at least 60 min.
    - For white paving: add 5% of white PRIMOL PLUS to GREENOL PLUS
    - For intense white paving: use GREENOL PLUS super white (perfectly miscible with the neutral version to obtain the desired shade of white)

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