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Wood soap based on coconut and soy oil derivatives, dilutable in water, for routine cleaning of wooden floors.

Packaging(s): 1L



  • Strong cleaning and degreasing power
  • For the frequent maintenance of oiled parquet floors


  • To vacuum. Dilute 1 part DETEROL with 100 parts water (1 capful for approx. 1 liter of water). Clean the floor with a soft mop or a mop soaked in the solution obtained and then wrung out well. It is advisable to work with the help of two buckets: one with the detergent solution, the other with water to rinse the mop from time to time and remove the dirt collected.
    LET THE FLOOR DRY WITHOUT RINSE. It is not necessary to polish.

  • - Before starting maintenance with DETEROL on parquet that has been oiled, wait at least 7–10 days to allow the impregnation to dry completely.
    - The product must be diluted only with water.
    - ATTENTION! When cleaning a wooden floor, it should never be flooded, but rubbed with a well-wrung mop or mop.
    - At low temperatures the product could become cloudy, at temperatures below 0°C the product freezes: to restore DETEROL again, it is sufficient to leave it for at least a few hours at 20°C vs.

    The product will keep for at least 12 months in a cool, dry place and in its original, unopened packaging.

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