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Species: Suigi Red Cedar

Profile: V-joint

Dimensions: 5'' or 6'' 

Finish: Vintage Gray Plus


For anyone looking to give their home a touch of elegance, whether classic or contemporary, using the Vintage Gray Plus aging product proves to be an exceptional solution. This product performs a natural metamorphosis by activating the intrinsic tannins present in the wood, thus bringing a unique dimension to your cedar covering.

It is important to note that Vintage Gray Plus is not intended to provide water-repellent protection. However, it is worth remembering that cedar is an inherently rot and mildew resistant wood. Thanks to this remarkable characteristic, the application of Vintage Gray Plus ensures that your cedar covering has exceptional longevity against the ravages of time and the elements.


The result obtained from the use of Vintage Gray Plus is both impressive and maintenance-free. It gradually transforms the appearance of wood to a graying, silvery hue, evoking the natural patina that time imparts to wooden surfaces exposed to the elements. This metamorphosis gives your covering a timeless aesthetic that evokes the nobility of wood aged over time, while eliminating the need for regular maintenance.


In short, Vintage Gray Plus weathering product embodies an elegant and authentic approach to refining the appearance of your cedar siding. It takes advantage of the natural properties of wood to create a transformation that lasts without requiring constant maintenance, adding a touch of sophistication to your environment while preserving cedar's resistance to deterioration. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, Vintage Gray Plus will meet your aesthetic expectations, while guaranteeing lasting protection for your cedar covering.


Sugi Vintage Gray Plus //price per square foot

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