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Impregnating primer for traditional oil PRIMOL PLUS

PRIMOL PLUS, deep impregnating agent, has a high penetrating capacity and is suitable for both artisanal application and industrial production...


    Sand the wood with #120 grit sandpaper and clean dust thoroughly. The application can be made with a roller, a brush, a pad (sponge, paper, fabric) or a metal spatula, taking care to spread it as evenly as possible. After 5 -15 minutes remove any excess oil not absorbed by the wood with a cloth or a polyurethane foam spatula (this operation is generally superfluous when the oil is applied with a metal spatula). Within 20-30
    min. after application and before complete surface drying, brush with a monobrush using a green cleaning disc and working at low speed to even out. After about 4 hours it is advisable to brush again with a white or yellow disc, to eliminate any traces of oil that may have reappeared at the level of the joining lines and the knots of the wood.
    In the case of pronounced colours, leave the pores of the wood well open. Apply the product very evenly with a dab and avoid brushing so as not to remove the colour.
    At 20 - 24 hour intervals proceed with the application of the GREENOL PLUS finish according to the process described for PRIMOL PLUS.
    When using colored PRIMOL PLUS, it is recommended to add 1 - 2% of this product to GREENOL PLUS.

  • - PRIMOL PLUS in its colored variants must be mixed well before application.
    - Whichever method of application is followed, the oils must be “pulled” well, i.e. spread them in thin layers, adhering to the yield data that we have indicated, in order to avoid drying problems, especially in correspondence of the lines of junction and the knots of the wood where accumulations of oil could occur.
    - It is advisable to acclimatize and apply the products at an ambient temperature not lower than +15° C.
    - To avoid too rapid drying during the hot months, and in the case of difficult spreading, it is advisable to dilute the oils with 5 -10% of DILUENTE LINOLUX.
    - Drying time increases with increasing color intensity
    - It is possible to reduce the drying time adding SUPERDRY at the rate of 1 - 2%
    - The addition of SUPERDRY generates a color change towards yellow. Excessive addition of SUPERDRY may cause adverse effects. Carry out preliminary tests before use.
    - To obtain Euroclass Cfl, with low density wood species, it may be necessary to pre-treat with FIRE PROTECT.
    - After use, the rags and any paper impregnated with the products must be immersed in water before being thrown away, in order to avoid self-combustion phenomena.

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