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Blend of soaps and emulsified waxes. DERGOS is dilutable in water and can be used as an alternative to DETEROL to obtain better protection and higher shine. It is available in transparent and white version

Packaging(s): 1L, 10L


  • To vacuum
    Dilute DERGOS with water  (see dilution table)
    Spread the solution obtained on the floor with a soft mop or a well-wrung mop, without leaving any excess.
    You can buff to get a smoother surface.

  • Before starting maintenance with DERGOS on a floor that has been oiled, wait at least 15–20 days to allow the impregnation to dry completely.
    In the first 4-5 months after oiling it is recommended to use DERGOS diluted 1 to 5 (1 part DERGOS, 5 parts water), and then start with the dilutions in the table
    The product should be diluted only with water.
    WARNING!  When cleaning a wooden floor, never flood it, but rub it with a well-wrung mop or mop.

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